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Officer chat is useless

As you all can see all of the officers are useless besides me…

The Return of Mythic Raiding!

We are raiding mythic again!  Thanks to all those who are showing up and participating including the folks from Alterac Mountains (minus the pompous gladiators)!  If you are interested in raiding please stop by the forums or hit me up… Continue Reading →

We Are Prepared!

We have finished recruiting and are now on hiatus until WoD comes out! In the meantime feel free to pug some mythic raids, but we will also be holding unofficial heroic raids on Sundays at 8pm and all are welcome… Continue Reading →

OCT. 14th 20 man MYTHIC RAID begins

EVERYONE is encouraged to show up for SoO on Sunday 8pm server Oct. 19th. We will most likely not be running a mythic raid as a lot of returning players will be under geared. We will however be doing at least a normal raid to get a few people back into the game.

WoD Recruitment

We are now recruiting for Warlords of Draenor!
Currently we are looking for RANGED DPS, HEALERS, AND ONE TANK!!


Assandros is a pretty good druid, a great tank, and my best friend.   -Dreamily

New Website

Stay tuned over the next few days as we get this thing going and let Dawny know if you have any suggestions!



Ambivalence is home to some of the most talented pvpers on US-Arygos. During Cataclysm we hosted an RBG team which earned us the Guild Grand Marshal achievement and peaked at rank US-10th. We are also home to many of our server’s Gladiators.


We raid an unusually short schedule of 6 hours per week. With our short raids, we have been able to clear virtually all heroic content while it was current, while staying in the top 5 for Arygos, if not higher. We’ve also earned every raid meta-achievement during our tenure. To further illustrate how well we utilize our pve time; since Wowprogress.com began ranking speed kills we have achieved some world ranking scores including a world 3rd heroic Galakras and a world 8th heroic Garrosh Hellscream!


We take pride in the quality of our guild community! We’re all adults with real lives that play this game hard when we have time. We don’t fuck around with drama. We don’t get hurt feelings over this game. We play to have fun.

© 2017 Ambivalence